Make A Good First Impression

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Make sure you’re making the right one by learning skills and techniques that will enable you to capture attention and make a positive impact with your opening statements.

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What Can We Learn About Public Speaking From Professional Golfers?

Take a look at this clip of the number 1 ranked golfer in the world today, Rory McIlroy:

Actually, you can find similar videos for Tiger Woods, Phil Mickleson and almost every other top layer on the tour on youtube right now.

Rory McIlroy became world number 1 in 2013 and promptly missed the cut in his next 3 events, and lost the world number 1 Spot.

So what we can we learn from the golfers?

Firstly, the sometimes you are going to have a bad day. In the case of a golfer, that doesn’t make you a bad golfer. Likewise, in the case of someone give a presentation or doing some form of Public Speaking, if, for whatever reason it doesn’t go as well as you would like, that does not inherently make you  bad at it. Too many people have one bad experience with Public Speaking, take that as conclusive proof that they aren’t good at it, and go out of their way to avoid doing it in the future. The fact that it went bad once, doesn’t mean it will or always has to go badly in the future.

Secondly, the importance of your mental state in your ability to perform. That’s equally applicable to Public Speaking (and almost every other endeavour) as it is to Golf. It’s pretty obvious that Rory McIlroy is an amazing golfer, but if his head’s not right, by his own admission, the golf’s not right either.

Thirdly, the importance of visualisation. Here’s what golfing legend Nick Faldo had to say about what makes Rory McIlroy so special and why is such a prodigious talent:

“But what I believe is his golfing DNA gift is his visualisation. I had to teach visualisation to myself but he’s got it naturally.

You just watch the way he looks at things. You watch the way he lines up bunker shots. He’s trying to hole them. He can see the perfect shot in his mind – and then can so often produce it.”


What Can We Learn About Public Speaking From Cool Runnings?

It might seem like a mad question, but actually quite a lot!

This scene from Cool Runnings is very important to anybody who wants to be a competent and confident public speaker.

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Visualisation is an incredibly powerful way of preparing for a performance of any kind. You will very often hear professional sports stars talk about visualisation before an event. For example a golfer visualising where the ball is going to go before taking an important shot, or a runner seeing how a race will be run before running an important race. They see what’s going to happen and mentally rehearse it over and over again, until it feels so natural to them that they can’t imagine any other outcome. Many top golfers count visualisation and mind coaches (for the want of a better job description) as full time members of their team.

It’s a form of practice, but one you can do any time any place. The more you practice in your mind, the more natural it feels. The more immersive the visualisation, the more real it feels, the more beneficial it becomes.

If these techniques are tried and tested by some of the highest performing elite athletes in the world, why not use them yourself? On a ‘Make That Speech’ public speaking course, you will learn to harness the power of visualisation, so that you can become increasingly more confident in your own ability.

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