How We Do It

Training is either in a group course, or by 1 to 1 training by appointment.

Group sessions ensure that you get the best possible communication skills and public speaking coaching and give you an opportunity to immediately speak in front of your fellow course-goers.

Groups are strictly limited to a maximum of 15 per course, and details of upcoming courses are posted on this website

One to One Coaching is available all year round.

Corporate Group Couching is also available.

Ryan delivers the training in a fun and informal way, using a combination of his own experience as a broadcast professional and solicitor, and his formal training and experience in hypnotherapy, and in NLP as a Life Coach.

During the session you will learn NLP skills and techniques which will ensure you complete the sesssion with confidence in your ability to speak in public and are given the opportunity to do so in a safe and encouraging environment.

Ryan will also use some hypnotherapy to install the belief and confidence in your subconscious mind that you can achieve your goal of being a confident and competent public speaker.

The session consists of a number of exercises designed to ease you from whatever your present state may be, to a state where you feel calm, comfortable, confident and in control in any public speaking situation. Each course is tailored to the group of people attending, so no two courses run exactly the same, in the same order, nor same sequence. Ryan will do whatever he feels is right for each client at any given time and adapt the training according to how each individual, or the group is progressing and responding.

To find out more about the structure of the course, click on ‘About The Course’, or watch the video to the right. More information on Ryan’s training in hypnosis and NLP can be found by clicking here and in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website