About The Training

‘Make That Speech’ courses run once a month in Dublin City Centre. The details of the next course can be found by clicking here.

The course takes place on a Saturday, and runs from 9am-6pm with a break for lunch from 1-2pm.

The ‘Make That Speech’ course is a one day intensive training course. We say that it is intensive because you will learn a huge number of skills and techniques in a short space of time and will be hard at work all day putting those new skills into practice, speaking and watching others speak. You will learn as much from the group and their experiences and learnings as you will from Ryan and his teaching. Ryan will not click his fingers using hypnosis and ‘make’ you a better public speaker. He will teach you skills and techniques, but in order for you to take them and make them your own, you will need to practice and output your skills both on the course, and as soon as possible thereafter. We recommend that you sign up for your local Toastmasters meeting the same time you sign up for a ‘Make That Speech’ course, and commit to putting the skills you will learn on the course into practice immediately and on a regular basis into the future.

The day consists of a number of exercises designed to ease you from whatever your present state may be, to a state where you feel calm, comfortable, confident and in control in any public speaking situation. Each course is tailored to the group of people attending, so no two courses run exactly the same, in the same order nor same sequence. Ryan will do whatever he feels is right for the group at any given time and adapt the training according to how each individual, and the group collectively, is progressing and responding.

The modules/exercises include:

Hypnotic Reinforcement – The day begins with a group hypnosis session, implanting the idea firmly into your subconscious that you are capable of achieving your goal of being calm, confident, relaxed and in control in any public speaking situation. This session is a good way to begin changing your perception of just how well you can speak in public, by interacting with the subconscious rather than the conscious brain and subconsciously learning communication skills.

Group Bonding - In order to create the correct environment for positive learning and outcomes, the group will perform some simple group tasks, designed to be fun and engaging and to help everybody to get to know each other, and feel comfortable in each other’s presence (*spoiler alert – These exercise are public speaking exercises*). A group environment is the most natural and easy way to learn public speaking, and you will learn much from your peers and their techniques and abilities. Everybody is at the course for the same reason and we will all help each other out and ensure that nobody is left behind and everybody reaches or exceeds their own expectations. Don’t worry, this isn’t traditional ‘group bonding’ like you might have done on work courses before. These involve a lot more cursing for a start (seriously, they do).

Analysing the fear of public speaking – We will take a look at the general causes of a fear of public speaking, and any specific issues that anybody in the group may have. For some people, the fear of public speaking is very much like a straightforward phobia such as a fear of spiders, or dogs. We will teach you a very powerful NLP technique called ‘The Fast Phobia Cure’ which is used very extensively in treating phobias and this will be of huge benefit to most people, and particularly those whose fear of public speaking presents in this way.

Visualisation - We will teach you visualisation skills. The importance of visualisation is being increasingly recognised scientifically. Visualisation is very effective, and some would say vital, in helping people to achieve their goals. Golfers such as Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy speak of always visualising the shot before hitting it, and seeing how the swing is going to go, and where the ball is going to go, before they ever tee off. In the same way, we will teach you how to visualise your public speaking and how you can rehearse it in very detailed ways in your own mind, so that when you come to actually give the speech, it is all very familiar to you and feels very comfortable and natural. This is a far more invested skill and technique that simply ‘practicing’ a speech. Visualisation involves immersing yourself in the sounds, the sights, the smells, feelings and emotions of the speech. A lot of people find visualisation daunting, but it is actually a very natural process, and if you are experiencing problems, then Ryan will show you techniques to master it.

Confidence Building - For the vast majority of people, a lack of confidence in themselves generally, and in their ability to effectively present or speak in public is what stops them from taking the first step. Using hypnosis and NLP we will find you the confidence to stand in front of anybody and feel calm and confident in delivering your message.

Controlling Nerves - Even confident people get nervous ahead of a big occasion, presentation or talk. Getting nervous isn’t a problem, but it’s important that you control the nerves, rather than that the nerves control you. We will teach you skills to make sure you remain in control and that your nerves never get the better of you again

Communication Skills and Effective Presentation Skills- You will learn skills relating to all aspects of communication which are important for making an effective speech/presentation/pitch including:

  • Voice Control
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Pacing
  • Making and Maintaining a suitable level of eye contact
  • What do you with your hands while speaking
  • How to stop fidgeting
  • Using humour
  • Being yourself

If you have any further questions about the course content and whether it is suitable for you, don’t hesitate to Contact Us