One on One Coaching

For many people even the thought of speaking in a group for training purposes is enough to put them off facing their fears. For this reason,  if you feel you would prefer, or need, one-on-one communications skills or public speaking skills training, then please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Make That Speech training can be provided privately to individuals. The cost is €150 per 2 hour session, and sessions are available by appointment, Monday to Thursday between 7-9pm in locations in Sandyford or Dublin City Centre, and also with limited availability at the weekend.

One-On-One coaching is particularly useful for anybody who has to do a Groom’s speech or best man speech for an upcoming wedding, as Ryan can not only teach you the skills and techniques you would learn on the group “Make that Speech” course, but also go through your Groom’s speech or Best Man speech for content and humour and help edit it so that it presents in the best way possible.

Other Services:

Hypnosis and NLP can be hugely helpful and beneficial in a number of areas of life, and Ryan offers one-on-one consultations to anybody experiencing issues in the following areas:

Motivation - If you have a goal or project that you are stuggling to complete, or in many cases, to get started, Brian can help you with motivation masterclasses, designed to tap into the resources you already possess and help you come up with well formed outcomes and directions so that you can better achieve your goals and positive changes in your life.

Communication Skills - A lot of people rank ‘Public Speaking’ as among their top 3 fears, and frequently it tops even death on the list of things people are afraid of. NLP has proven particularly successful at helping people improve their communication skills and public speaking skills and has the power to transform you from someone who may suffer from anxiety and stage fright to a confident and effective communicator.

Weight Management - Hypnotherapy has proven to be an incredibly effectively tool in helping people answer the question “how to lose weight fast”. Whether by means of a virtual gastric band, which was discussed and written about recently by Paul McKenna – or through helping with motivation, willpower and clarifying goals and ambitions, hypnotherapy can assist you to loose weight fast and to manage your weight through well informed directions.

Fears and Phobias - If you are suffering from a fear or phobia, then good news, because hypnotherapy is incredibly effective and efficient at curing most fears and phobias in only one session. The most common phobias are the fear of flying and the fear of dogs or other animals. If your fear is holding you back, take the first step to overcoming that fear today and call for an appointment.

Mind Massage – You may also be interested in this product provided by Ryan which is a guided half hour relaxation meditation through hypnosis. Click Here for a free audio download and for more information